Silence and Theology

It was almost inevitable that David Thiessen and Silence of Mind would cross paths. They are fundamentalist peas in a pod, cut from the same extremist cloth, and they have already bonded over my apparent ‘evil’ nature.

They have also continued to be disingenuous. SoM in particular has been forthright in his deceit. The following is from part of a reply I made to a comment of his, on this very site:

Given your fanaticism, you are not welcome to post comments here any longer. I will not tolerate your barbarism. Make of that what you will, rant on your own site if you must, but you have exhausted my patience.

SoM responded via the comments on his post (though not before he tried to leave a comment where he told me I wasn’t worth the bother, so why did he then try to continue to converse via his site?), where he said:

Ben, I see that you banned me from your blog just as I predicted. You atheists are so predictable because your minds are on atheism.

I responded by quoting my own reply to him via this site, namely the one above. Was he surprised I’d blocked him, even though I’d warned him beforehand?

SoM has since deleted virtually all of my comments from his post, including anything that exposed his poor reasoning skills, and it would appear he can bleat about honesty, but his ‘cover-up’ of our conversations is proof enough that he doesn’t actually value honesty.

My shocked face.

David’s continued rants that I ‘distort’ matters come as no great shock either. His modus operandi is to accuse his detractors of exactly what he does, and whenever he is pressed to justify is claims of dishonesty, he fails to even try to do so. It is also greatly ironic to be accused of dishonesty from someone who has literally lied about their identity (in order to evade scrutiny for some serious misdeeds) for years. Any accusations from David need to be considered with a large pinch of salt, given his own history.

David and SoM have since found solace in each other’s arms. Below is the latest from David, and it drips with irony, only I don’t think he realises it:

MM won’t let it go and he continues to harp on the issue and distorts what has been said here. But his continual posts have God giving us a couple of questions to ask:

#1. Is MM so bad that God needs to send someone to kill him?

As far as we can tell, MM has not gone over the edge or past the point of no return so why would he be concerned that God would send someone to kill him? This fascination with the topic has us wondering what MM is doing in his private life.

But in the NT age who would be bad enough for God to send someone to kill him? After all, God has let Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and other evil people live long enough to do their dirty deeds,

We do not think that MM is a serial killer on the level of the Green River Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, and or John Wayne Gacy nor is he a criminal like Whitey Bulger or members of the Mob in any era, so why is he so worried about God sending someone to kill him?

God is very patient and wants MM to be saved just like he wants everyone else to be saved. 

First up, David injected himself into the discussions I was having with SoM. He dredged up a conversation from ages ago. The only one who is harping on is him.

I very much doubt that God has given David questions to ask.

His insistence on shifting the question to apply to the New Testament era is an effort to avoid the question as it was originally intended, or in other words, he is distorting matters. The bottom line is that God has been prepared to kill, and has ordered others to kill, in manners that any sane human being would find reprehensible. I wonder if David would strike me down if God told him I were evil, without elaborating as to why?

I’m not worried in God killing me. I’m more concerned that fringe lunatics like SoM might hear voices in their head, and then act upon it.

#2. Since MM thinks he is so bad and he knows the gospel message, why hasn’t he done something about his sinful spiritual condition?

A misleading question, a distortion (again, not shocked) from David Thiessen? I do not consider myself bad, or sinful. I do not subscribe to the notion of sin. I do not consider myself to be a good person, or a bad one – I simply ‘am’. I try to live my life by being kind, generous where I can, and treating people fairly, without imposing my positions upon them. I will stand my ground, I will strive to be honest, and I deal in facts and evidence. I am patient, but like anyone, my patience has limits. I do not appreciate having my character abused by dishonest charlatans – like a certain DT.

We know he and others have heard the gospel so he knows there is a way out of his sinful situation why has he not acted on it properly and asked Jesus to redeem him? One reason he hasn’t is that he is too focused on us and other believers and will use us and other believers as his excuse for not accepting Christ.

I’m not focused on you David. You are obsessed with me. You did not have to get involved in my discussion with SoM, yet you left comments (despite knowing full-well I was not going to post them, as I have had enough of your deceitful behaviour), and when I did not respond, you started writing posts.

You should consider it good that I do not take your version of Christianity seriously. If I did, I would consider all Christians to be hypocritical, hateful zealots. You often say you speak the truth with love, yet you understand neither love nor truth.

Is he trying to be like Ghandi refusing salvation because the Christians he sees do not act the way he wants them to? But he should realize that Jesus is not calling him or any other unbeliever to follow other Christians.

Jesus is calling MM and other unbelievers to FOLLOW HIM. Then if MM is so upset at other believers, why does he not protect himself, change his eternal destination, accept Christ as his personal savior then follow Jesus correctly showing every other believer how it is done?

This is the way it is with unbelievers. They do not understand the faith or how it is lived, yet feel they can critique the lives of those who believe as well as criticize the faith etc., yet do nothing to change their lives.

MM and unbelievers are not in a position to criticize Christians as they refuse to live life following Christ. Their lives are not better than the Christians and they have nothing to offer anyone so they really cannot complain about God, his plan of salvation, or how Christians live their lives.

Especially when they do not recognize the adversary that hinders the Christian’s spiritual growth. With that refusal, they are criticizing Christians based on 1/4 to 1/2 of the story. That is not right nor is it fair.

So we challenge MM and other unbelievers to honestly answer those questions. We do not expect MM to be honest as he never is and will find some way to deflect the true content and distort it into something he can criticize.

The decision is his and we hope he makes the right one.

A load of waffle. I can and will criticise Christians who behave like fundamentalist lunatics. I will criticise those who unreasonably try to trash my character, and the character of my friends (like David continues to try and do to Bruce Gerencser, because he’s afraid of him and his voice).

In short, the two questions David posed are:

#1. Is MM so bad that God needs to send someone to kill him?

#2. Since MM thinks he is so bad and he knows the gospel message, why hasn’t he done something about his sinful spiritual condition?

Am I bad? Define bad. If I am bad because I do not live my life in accordance with David’s interpretation of the Bible, then I guess the vast majority of the human race (and even the vast majority of other Christians) are bad too. If that is grounds to slaughter people (and the God of the Old Testament brutally killed people for less), then maybe I should be worried. After all, SoM might interpret his tea leaves, or see a face in a piece of toast, and determine that’s a signal to purge the world of filthy, evil unbelievers.

Regarding question two, I don’t consider myself bad, or good, as mentioned earlier. I see no need to fix my ‘spirit’, least of all in accordance to David’s radical form of Christianity. David’s question is therefore built upon the misleading premise that I regard myself as a bad person (David Thiessen, misleading, why I never!)

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