The DoE wants kids to learn about shared British values… not only does this sound suspiciously like nationalist indoctrination, by the time this day goes ahead (assuming it proceeds as planned) Scottish schools will be closed for the summer holidays! Somehow the good people of the Department for Education forgot that. I have no problem with patriotism, but this smacks of enforced patriotism, or at the very least it’s the first rung of the ladder. I mean, take a look at this and tell me what you think:

It reminds me of something else…

Are we really going to do this? Are we going to fall for these charlatan antics? Our government is a shambles, as evidenced by so many factors, not least of all the pandemic and the rise in cases…

… but whilst the dumpster fire rages, we’re being asked to cheerlead. We ought to be furious with how the Tories have fucked us over.

I suppose this is an unfortunate consequence of how our perceptions matter more than our reality. Back when the choice was between the bigoted, sexist, adulterous and deceitful Boris Johnson and his Tory cronies, and then-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, we were as a nation led to believe Corbyn was a terrifying anti-Semite, whose socialist policies would ruin us. Flash forward a year and a half, and suddenly his free broadband for all is seen as a good idea, when floated by right-wing sources. Funny that. It’s impossible to imagine Corbyn wasting huge sums of money on nuclear weapons in the middle of a pandemic. It’s impossible to picture Corbyn failing to fund free meals for schoolkids during the pandemic. Generally speaking, it’s very hard to imagine anyone screwing up as much as Johnson; only Donald Trump was worse, and the US public kicked him out, whilst at the local elections the UK public as a whole continued to vote for the fox in the henhouse.

There’s so much wrong with this picture. We shouldn’t be chanting empty platitudes. We should be speaking out vocally against every failure of these useless corrupt Tories. Why do they want to privatise the one TV station that’s truly holding them to account?

We need to stop sleep-walking through all this.

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