The Trial of a Timelord(2112)

We’re back on the subject of gatekeepers, who in this instance manage to deny they’re gatekeepers whilst doing absolutely everything a gatekeeper does.

The gatekeeper-who-isn’t-but-really-is is Timelord2112, who popped up on my radar a while back, blocked me on Twitter in a fit of pique, and is now back, mixing it up with a bunch of people I follow. Despite being blocked, I have friends who have provided me with a bunch of this guy’s ‘highlights’, and I suspect there’s a lot more.

Among his tweets there is a theme – apparently fans of the new Star Trek shows are mentally deficient. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t this seem like an ablest slur? I’ll return to the first time Timelord2112 came to my attention for an example…

Timelord2112 had at this point either blocked me or was in the process of deleting the offending tweet, but I’d grabbed a shot of it. It provided the most damning evidence of Timelord2112’s attitude, but it’s not the only example. Take a look at his recent interactions with others…

It’s also worth noting that Timelord2112 deals in absolutes. In his mind it seems you cannot be a fan of old Star Trek and new Star Trek. If you’re a fan of the new material, you’re just a kid, and apparently not capable of understanding Star Trek. Apparently you think it’s all about the action and explosions – I guess Timelord2112 is unaware of the backlash the new shows have received for their social commentary… but that doesn’t fit his narrative does it?

He claims we’re all kids who don’t understand real Star Trek – at what point did Star Trek ever have the message that arrogantly demeaning others (and without a shred of self-awareness, demanding conformity to a specific point of view) was a good thing?

Here he is claiming fans get to decide what real Star Trek is. If that’s true, why is he at virtually the same instance demanding we blindly accept his point of view? Who appointed Timelord2112 the guardian of what is or is not real Star Trek? If it’s up to us (and in terms of what is official, it’s not up to the fans, anyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of copyright will know this), then it’s extremely arrogant of Timelord2112 to deny other fans their choice. Unfortunately, Timelord2112 is extremely arrogant.

My challenge to Timelord2112, should he read this, is to explain, properly and with logic, why his opinions are actually fact. He’s full of arrogant bluster on Twitter – can he back himself outside of his comfort zone?

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