Epic Rant Time

The UK has one of the highest number of deaths from Covid-19 of any country on earth (7th), as a direct result of Tory incompetence. Billions have been spaffed up the wall on Track and Trace systems that have taken forever to actually work (and Tory cronyism has seen the mates of Tory ministers get richer, despite their incompetence). We have a Prime Minister who preferred to let the bodies pile high than go into lockdown, because money is more important to him than life. We’ve got a shambolic Brexit, we’ve got a pathetic pay rise for nurses (which, given inflation, actually equates to a pay cut), and we’ve got footballers doing more to ensure schoolkids get fed than the government’s managed to do. On top of all that, the government’s somehow finding the money to invest in nuclear weapons, something we don’t want and don’t need. What are the chances that someone somewhere is getting a nice kickback off that?

So why is it that the Tories have somehow improved their standing following the local elections on the 6th of May? How can it be that after their truly awful leadership throughout this crisis, and their numerous other failures, that the electorate as a whole prefers the Tories?

It’s tempting to lay some of this at the foot of the media. When Johnson was first alleged to have said ‘let the bodies pile high’, the BBC (one of the biggest UK media outlets) had a headline about how Boris had suggested the bodies ‘could pile high’. It appears that they tried to paint his rather heinous remarks in a sympathetic light, which is therefore dishonest of the Beeb. The media in general in the UK has a preference, and it shows in their reporting. Opponents of the Tories aren’t just up against the Tories.

Not that Labour have helped themselves since placing Starmer in charge. Bland and uninspiring, Starmer’s chief aim seems to be to abstain, rather than genuinely oppose the blundering, callous Tories. He is, to me at least, a Tory in Labour clothing, and completely ineffectual. We’re rapidly becoming a vassal state, where the arrogant toffs believe they have the right to rule over the working class by birth-right.

Don’t even get me started on Boris Johnson as a man.

So, to recap, we have 60% of UK businesses reporting problems due to Brexit (that Johnson’s Tories negotiated), the Northern Ireland peace process is on the ropes, due to Brexit (reminder – Johnson’s Tories struck the Brexit deals), and the 7th highest number of deaths from Covid-19 in the world. We have no money for nurses or school meals, yet we apparently have money for nukes. Despite all of that, we’ve decided as a nation to give the Tories more power. I despair, I really do.

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