Free School Meals and Nuclear Weapons

Want an idea as to how much it would cost to provide free meals to eligible school children over the course of a year? £270 million. Want to know much the UK spends on nuclear weapons over the course of a year? Approximately £6.5 billion.

£6.5 billion would fund free school meals for 24 years. Let that sink in.

Meanwhile, we repeatedly hear from our Tory fuhrers that there’s no money for such a scheme. Then again, a government that’s managed to spectacularly fuck up Track and Trace and turn it into a vastly expensive financial black hole, rewarding contractors with huge sums of money for a broken app. Overall the Serco system is coming in at £10 billion, whilst Ireland is looking at around €700 million for a similar system.

This government is what happens when you marry corporate greed, callous elitism and utter incompetence into one package. The Tories are ensuring they get richer off the poor. The current iteration of the Labour Party is failing to hold them to account, and we trust this lot to navigate through Brexit?!?!

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