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Why are some people so absolutely committed to conspiracy nonsense? And why do they feel a need to argue with and belittle people who work in scientific fields?

What am I referring to exactly? A conversation between an internet know-it-all, and Claire, a scientist, who happens to be my step-son’s girlfriend and a very intelligent woman, studying infectious diseases (among other things). Naturally internet-know-it-all believes they know best, even when confronted with evidence. Apparently a YouTube video waffling about nothing is better proof than several studies into the virus and how to deal with it.

I present to you, a timeline of the discussion.

To presume to tell experts in their fields that you know better than them is a case of ego unchecked and unchained. If it wasn’t such a tragic damnation of our education system, I’d be laughing. It’s condescending at best, dangerous at worst, to undermine the people who study this sort of thing and know what they’re talking about. I have little patience for wilful ignorance, and wish Claire and others like her didn’t have to put up with it.

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