‘Inside Sources’ and Massive Failure

It’s always entertaining when gatekeeping Trek fans end up being made to look complete fools with their grandiose claims. This is what Divine Guardian claimed in February 2019…

Assuming he’s speaking about a third season of DSC, we now know that’s been made and is under-going final tweaking, which has been delayed because of Covid-19. PIC not only got a green light, but we’ve seen it, and season two of PIC has been greenlit. Anson Mount is now going to appear in Strange New Worlds, a new Trek show that continues to explore the period shortly before TOS. 

All of this adds up to Divine Guardian… being wrong! And wrong not just once, not just twice, but three times! This is a guy who has repeatedly claimed to have inside sources… well, if he had those sources available to him last year, they sure let him down!

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