Last night’s dreams were brought to you by…


My dreams last night came in two parts. Firstly, I had to find a way to rescue my loved ones as our three storey house burned (we don’t have a three storey house).

Interwoven into this dream is something to do with visiting neighbours for a party of some sort (can’t remember why). It was a dream rudely interrupted by one of the cats wanting out. I also don’t recall why our house was on fire – I only recall doing what I could to get everyone to safety.

Quite why I had such a dream is beyond me – as usual, my subconscious mind is a maze of frankly terrifying thoughts!

My second dream was even weirder. I dreamed that Ben Stiller, Jennifer Anniston and Patrick Stewart were in a film together about making contact with aliens, and a government conspiracy surrounding it. I get why Patrick Stewart was involved – the other two aren’t exactly big sci-fi names.

I wish I knew what was going on in my mind.

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