30 Day Challenge – Day 5

Today is five places I’d like to visit.

So, firstly, Japan – it’s a paradise for someone who likes gadgets, and also rich in history, both ancient and recent. There is a certain nobility about some elements of Japanese culture, whilst there is sadness that tinges its more recent past.

2. New York. It’s a bit of a cliche this one, but the Big Apple has a strange appeal. That is a bit weird, since it appears to be a bigger, noisier version of London, but I would still like to visit.

3. Berlin. I should clarify that I’ve been to Berlin before (it was sort of a late Honeymoon), but I’d like to see it again. The last time was Christmas 09, it was bitterly cold, and I found it to be a beautiful city. I’d be happy to go back at Christmas, or see it during summer.

4. Monaco. Not for the glamour, but for the Grand Prix. It’s about as close to a race track as one can get.

5. Rome. Roman history fascinates me, and so the city itself makes perfect sense to visit. Not only that, but it has a lot of post-Roman sights as well.

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