The World Burns…

It certainly feels like the world is hurting. 2020 is not even half-done and it has brought pain and misery to many, many people. It has challenged us, and elements of it might (and in some cases should) change us. Our work/life balance, so often skewed toward work, has been altered. Our approach to how we treat the most vulnerable elements of our society has been placed under the microscope, in more ways than one. Governments are being held to account and are being found wanting. Covid-19 is not done with us, despite the constant suggestion that here in the UK we can ease the lockdown. Racism is the storm that rages across the world, along with the huge surge in anger to fight it. Our leaders dither (just look at Boris Johnson) and hide (Donald Trump, I’m looking at you).

It seems that in the US, Trump is hiding behind the police and the National Guard, looking less of a President and more like a dictator. In the UK, Johnson offers nothing but false platitudes and displays no spine. It’s a strange, dangerous new world out there, but sooner or later, things swing the other way. They have to. The wannabe tyrants that the modern Conservative and Republican parties have become, the way of money before life, won’t last forever, because it can’t last forever. Ideals rooted in the haves and have nots, the idea of a ruling elite, simply because they were born into something they didn’t earn… it has no place in modern society. Allowing these people, who have no connection to the real world, to run our world, is proving to have serious negative consequences. People will remember this, and when the time comes, they will be voted out of office, and people will recall them not as great leaders, but as failures, produced by a broken, corrupt system.

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