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Fast Moving Time

Fast Moving Time

It occurs to me that in a matter of days, it will have been two years since I left my job selling bathrooms and started my new career selling sofas. That time has been marked with stress, frustration, aggravation and yet, rewarding achievements and a sense that sometimes, pig-headed determination and a refusal to give up can yield positive results. I cannot say that I enjoy my current job more than my previous one, but I have earned more out of it.

I still miss my previous role. I enjoyed the work and I have great friendships with my colleagues from there. It’s only natural to ponder the path not taken. This is true of many of us, across many aspects of our lives. It’s the easiest way for us to torture ourselves. We’d all like to reach into our pasts and remove the regrets, the memories that trigger our self-loathing, or even simple mistakes. In the end, we can do none of those things. Whilst Hakuna Matata may not necessarily be the most beneficial philosophy to completely live life by, it’s equally true that you cannot change the past, and if we could, would we even necessarily want to? Unravel one thread, one strand, and what else comes apart? Every path I have walked, whether for better or for worse, has led me to where I am now – happily married, with a beautiful and loving daughter. I have a job that, with a bit of hard work, can pay me handsomely for my efforts, and allow me to fulfil some ambitions next year. I may not always enjoy it, but it’s not about me.

It’s about my family. It always was, it always will be.

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