Lynel Hunting

You may be wondering ‘what is a Lynel?’ Well, say hello to this guy…

The above pic is of a Silver Lynel, the toughest variety of said creature (at least on normal mode) in Breath of the Wild. My first encounter with a Lynel – which I remember clearly – was at the Colosseum – I stumbled across it, and it repeatedly killed me. They are fast, brutal creatures, well-armed, deadly accurate with a bow and arrow, and they can absorb a lot of damage. I haven’t played much of Master Mode yet, but there are Gold Lynels to be had on Master Mode that are even more deadly than the powerful silver types.

In the early phase of the game, tangling with any variety of Lynel is a bad idea. Death is their constant companion. It takes some practice, and some good timing, but after a while (especially after building up strength and acquiring better weapons), the weaker types of Lynel become slightly easier to handle. As we approach the third anniversary of this amazing game, I arrogantly thought I could handle Silver Lynels with relative ease. Well, yesterday I received a lesson in complacency. The first of two Silver Lynels I encountered expertly wielded a huge Lynel Crusher, a massive club-like weapon that it used to bash me about, forcing to eat (literally) into my reserves of food. I did eventually prevail, but I was handled a timely reminder that these beings are the strongest, toughest enemies in the game – more so than even Calamity Ganon.

The second Lynel was easier, by virtue of having inferior weaponry, though I still took a few hits. By the end of it all, I’d acquired a Savage Lynel Bow (that can shoot three arrows at the ‘cost’ of just one), a crusher, a spear, and a host of goodies. Still, lesson learned – my respect for these brutes is restored!

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