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Early Impressions – The Nintendo Switch 

Early Impressions – The Nintendo Switch 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll be aware that venerable games console and game producer Nintendo have launched a new gadget – the Switch, which was finally released on the 3Rd of March. I was lucky enough (thank you Mum!) to get one on launch day and now that I’ve had a few days to ponder it, play with it and enjoy it, I feel well-placed to offer up some early impressions. 

The setup process is pretty easy. There’s no lengthy faffing about to get this thing up and running. Connecting the Switch to the TV via the dock is easy too. Switching (heh) from TV mode to handheld mode is also very easy, as is the removal of the Joy Cons from their grip and their attachment to the console itself. The quality of the screen in handheld mode is excellent, and I’ve been quite happy to sit on the sofa and play like that. TV mode is still good – and the Joy Con Grip is surprisingly comfortable to use.

The menus (be it for settings, the eShop or anything else) are easy to navigate and you can’t really get lost whilst exploring the system. What I haven’t yet done is try out any Wi-Fi gaming – in part because I don’t have any such games yet! – but at some point I aim to get Mario Kart and see if Nintendo’s revamped network is any good.

So initial thoughts are very positive. The only snag is the somewhat brief battery life of the console. When playing Breath of the Wild, the best the console can manage is three hours. 

Apart from that, I am so far very pleased with the Switch and look forward to seeing what else it can do!

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