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Breath of the Wild Chapter 9 – Fire on the Mountain 

Breath of the Wild Chapter 9 – Fire on the Mountain 

We last left Link facing giant balls (ahem) that would crush him if he couldn’t find a way past. It turns out this Shrine, as with so many of them, was deceptively easy, and the combined use of magnetism and stasis allowed me to grab the metal ball and use it to bulldoze a path to safety. With yet another Shrine completed, the next point of note was to head back to the volcano and unravel the mysteries of the final Divine Beast.

Firstly, I also made another key discovery, one that should help me very much in the long-term. A science lab is to the north east and this offered up the potential to reward me with new weapons, in exchange for Guardian parts. A trip to get the blue flame needed to fuel the manufacturing process proved more eventful than expected – quite a few bad guys – Moblins mostly – were keen to interfere with my journey.

Once I’d successful run this particular gauntlet, I was able to acquire a new shield, a new sword, and some Ancient arrows (which would prove very useful later). After this, it was time to return to the volcano.

Armed with elixirs that would offer resistance to the intense heat, I moved more deeply into the lava-filled region and my Sheikah Sensor began alerting me to a nearby Shrine – a Shrine that just so happened to be right by the Goron village. Wasting no time, I found the Goron leader and he asked me to go to the mines and find a descendant of Daruk, the Goron Champion. This kid had been sent to the mines to get some pain killers for the boss – and hadn’t returned.

This is where I discovered several cannons, that you can arm with remote bombs. Aside from randomly blasting things, this proved most helpful in blowing away a blockage that kept this descendant from me. From there, we took a trip to Death Mountain, and faced the final Divine Beast. This one took the form of a giant lizard with flaming feet, and the idea was drive it up the mountain, by using the Goron as a cannon ball (don’t worry, he had a protective shield!) to pummel the Beast. I only found this out by accident – at first I’d climbed as high as I could, and along the way destroyed or avoided sentries deployed by the Beast (you would whistle to get the Goron to either move or freeze). This is where the Ancient arrows came in handy!

Once I realised how to drive the Beast higher, I kept shooting at it until it finally broke down. Now it was time to Enter the Dragon! Err, lizard…

To begin with the area was pitch black, save for a blue flame, which quickly became the source of light for my torch. A couple of pesky little Guardian fights and a few lit torches later, I’d found the map terminal and turned the lights on. As with previous Beasts, I had to seek out five terminals, and as before, this involved manipulating the Beast. On this occasion it would either be laying flat on its belly or tipped to one side, as though against the wall. A few well-timed jumps whilst repositioning the Beast, a few arrow tips set on fire and shot through holes, and the use of flame to reveal objects of use (such as giant metal blocks), and I had this dungeon figured out. It was time to head to the master terminal and awaken whatever nasty critter Ganon had left there.

Fireblight Ganon was easy once I figured out how to beat him. His first attack was pretty basic – swiping with a giant sword. Easy to avoid, and the Master Sword took chunks out of him. At the halfway point he started to draw in the superheated air and shoot easily-dodged fireballs at me, but was unreachable and seemingly immune to the handful of ice arrows I had. At first I had zero clue how I was going to kill this thing, but Daruk offered up some advice – bombs. At first I took this to mean bomb arrows, but these detonated in my face due to the heat. Common sense eventually prevailed and I used my remote bombs, which got sucked in along with the air. Setting these off brought Fireblight to his knees. With the Master Sword in hand, I smote Fireblight and consigned his ruin to the ether.

With all four Divine Beasts back under control, I had some choices to make. Initially I set out on a memory quest – and gave serious consideration to seeking out the other dragons. There was though, the temptation to go back to Hyrule Castle, and confront the Calamity. Which path would I take?

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