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Boris Binned

Boris Binned

Well, not quite binned, but today’s news, that the defection of a Tory MP to the Liberal Democrats has cost the Conservatives their majority, will make life even more difficult for the increasingly flustered and berated Prime Minister. From massive protests on various city streets, to members of his own party rebelling against his ill-fated plans, it’s clear Boris is proving to be one of the most incompetent incumbents No. 10 has ever had the misfortune to host. A General Election is a potential minefield, but if it avoids a no-deal scenario, so be it.

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  1. Pink Agendist

    I know you’re also on twitter so I’m asking everyone I know to call out the fake accounts supporting both Boris Johnson and the Brexit Party on there. They’ve set up an extraordinary infra-structure, partnering with companies that sell likes and re-tweets. Most of the accounts involved are very easy to recognise as they follow very few people and are followed by very few people. An example would be following 25, followed by 19. And their tweets are usually all on a single topic or in support of a single cause or party. Anyway, the more of them we call out, the less effective their strategy becomes. If you can pass on the message.

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