Judgement Day

I hadn’t twigged the significance of yesterday’s date. August 29th, 1997, is the date Skynet, the advanced computer in the Terminator series, becomes self-aware and triggers a nuclear apocalypse.

How I feel before coffee

Props to Dayton Ward for his post that reminded me of this important date! Also, probs to Lolsy’s Library for pointing out that today is the birthday of Mary Wollenstone Shelley. She was the author of Frankenstein, the legendary tale of a madman who creates life, albeit in a terrible, terrifying way. I’m half-inclined to wonder if her birthday and the day of Skynet’s ‘birth’ being so close together is more than coincidence.

Is it also a coincidence that Boris Johnson has shoved a brick in the gears of our democracy by proroguing Parliament, in order to prevent (or at least make it more difficult) to prevent a no-deal scenario? It’s a move made so close to Terminator’s Judgement Day that I almost wonder if he felt inspired by it. Given his own government’s predictions and warnings, why Boris seems determined to court this agenda is beyond me.

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