Writing Prompts: What do you Hate to be Asked?

Inspired by the question posed by Lolsys Library, I thought I’d look at what I hate to be asked.

Any question which begins ‘can you…’ usually means I’ll end up doing something I really don’t want to do. I’ll usually do what is requbsted of me, but not without quietly, privately, wondering ‘why me?’ The other week at work, I ended up loading a bunch of tiles onto a pallet, and wrapping them, because I was asked to by my manager. It wasn’t an enjoyable task, but it needed doing, so there you go.

Anything that delays a swift return home after work annoys me. ‘Can you pick up XYZ from the shops?’ I don’t want to suffer a diversion from heading home after work, however minor, though I’ll do what’s asked of me. I suppose these are annoyances, rather than things I hate to be asked to do.

There’s one thing I really hate, and that’s hanging bedsheets on the clothes dryer. We have quite a good clothes dryer, but I despise being asked to put bedsheets on it. I can never do it right, which stresses me out, especially since it’s meant to be easy, but it outfoxes me. This in turn makes me feel stupid. I am perfectly capable of making myself feel stupid without tasks helping that mood along. I’ll vacuum. I’ll wash the dishes. I’ll hang clothes up on hangers and put them away. I’ll peg clothes up outside when it’s sunny. Please please don’t ask me to try and put a bedsheet on the clothes dryer!

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