Writing Prompts: Ever faced a technical problem with your website? How did you resolve it?

Back in March, my entire site produced an error message that I did not understand in the least. The site was inaccessible, and I couldn’t even get into the admin pages to correct it.

How did I fix this? Well, technically, I didn’t. I turned to my technical guru, my man with the plan, my brother. He got in, did some tinkering, and made it all better.

I did encounter another issue a short time after, related to WordPress and its connection to Jetpack. The two services link together to form site stats and anti-spam measures, so for a brief time, the spam folder in my comments was getting pretty full (though thankfully, none of it actually got into the main comments). Quite why the services disconnected, I have no idea, and that problem sort of resolved itself. Thankfully, the site and apps continued to accurately record my posting streak!

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