Writing Prompts: Share the importance of letting go of toxic relationships

Toxic relationships. Hmm. Am I in any? Well no, or am I?

I am trying to let go of my connections to certain blog-based relationships. It is not always easy, given the provocative content of one particular fundamentalist, who often shares material from my site in misleading ways. There’s no love lost there, and certainly no appreciation for the scandalous manner in which he abuses my writings.

Pursuing arguments with fundamentalists is like trying to build a bridge with jelly. They are not interested in anything other than validation. They know – not think, know – they are one hundred percent right, about virtually everything they argue. The same can be said of any extremist. They have a certainty that they are always correct. Debating anything with such people is a futile act. Sure, it sometimes helps to pass the time, but is it a good use of one’s time?

There’s a part of me that enjoys the debate, and I suspect that’s why I am a bit like a moth to a flame with this sort of stuff. It can invigorating, in a strange sort of way. I can be argumentative, and I don’t know whether to regard this as a good or bad thing. I guess it depends.

Letting go of these debates with brick walls would probably be a good thing. It might lead me to put my energy into better pursuits (such as writing my stories). I’ve moved away from these pointless discussions, but haven’t eliminated them completely. I will have to keep trying.

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