Writing Prompts: What do I enjoy about Writing?

What do you enjoy most about writing?

When I write, I can lose myself in the world I create. The words become more than a collection of letters, they become a tangible force, an almost physical power. Be it the tension-filled space battles within The Awakening, or the betrayal and lust of my old ancient Rome story, or the confusion and fear of my protagonist in my new project, these emotions are feelings I can inhabit as I write.

I don’t know if I’m explaining this very well, which is ironic, since I’m meant to be fairly good at this!

Writing helps me to find solace, and it gives me focus. I enjoy building vivid, living worlds, and hopefully the characters within those worlds are relatable; I certainly try to write them that way. What I also find is that sometimes, the story writes itself. What I mean by that is that I may start out with a plan, and after a while, the setting and the characters sort of take on a thrilling life of their own, and I am almost as uncertain about their destination as they are. It’s pretty fun!

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