Writing Prompts: Emergency Plan

Create an emergency preparedness plan.

I’ll confess that if a major disaster struck now, I’d be woefully under-prepared. I’d wager most people would be ill-equipped to handle a catastrophe, especially if they live in a region not given to natural disasters.

I think it would pay to have a physical map available. In the event of a major event (worst-case scenario, a big war breaks out), having the means to navigate away from trouble would be vital. A map and compass wouldn’t go amiss in those circumstances.

Some form of defence would be wise. If the plan is to remain at home, the means to barricade the house might be useful, and forming alliances with neighbours could be handy. Strength in numbers and all that. I hate to say it, but if governments fell, and public services broke down, I believe it would swiftly become a dog-eat-dog world. There would be a great deal of raiding of shops and supermarkets for crucial supplies, and prudence might mean it would be better to avoid those areas, at least to start with. Of course, the exact course of action depends entirely on what the scenario actually is. A nuclear war would see people streaming away from major cities, but key supply chains might be completely shattered, so suddenly, getting hold of food would become more essential, and perhaps necessitate a trip to a supermarket. Here, once again, strength in numbers would be key.

The basic truth is, I have no idea how I would handle an emergency. I’ve never given it much thought.

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