Writing Prompts: Unplugging

We live in a technological age. Nearly everyone in the developed world – and a lot of people outside of it – has access to a mobile device that grants them access to the sum of human knowledge and achievements. We are interconnected far more than we have ever been. Most processes now require the use of a computer, or some other net-connected device. It is therefore quite difficult to ‘unplug’, so to speak, and avoid the glow of the screen.

My job requires me to use a computer (well, in part). After all, how would I design a bathroom without one? ‘Draw it by hand!’ Well, sure, but I can’t successfully and accurately represent the exact colour schemes, products and lighting with a pen, and certainly not within a matter of minutes. Then there’s communication with head office, which takes place largely via email. It’s quick, unlike if we were communicating via letter.

At home, well, it’s no secret that I enjoy video games. I find them to be a nice way to relax. However, when it gets a bit too much, I am quite content to take myself away, and if the weather is nice enough, to vacate the house entirely, to pop down to the local shops for whatever reason. I’ll pop my headphones in, listen to some tunes, and take a stroll. I find this quite soothing (the right songs can be particularly cathartic). It’s only a brief spell away from the TV or laptop, but it feels good.

The setting can carry a major impact upon how quickly and easily one can disconnect. Last year, we had a family holiday the Spanish island of Minorca. It’s a lot easier to lose one’s self in the real world when you have beautiful summer sun beating down upon your skin, and a pool to sink into!

It’s a lot easier to unplug when this is available!

A lot of whether or not I personally find it easy to remove myself from technology is weather-dependent. Meerkats are used to the sun, so naturally I am not a fan of the winter. Summertime, with clear blue skies and bright sunshine, makes it a lot easier to take myself out of the house. Let’s hope we get the sort of summer that renders that possible.

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