Writing Prompts: Pride

It’s probably best if I leave the art to the pros!

June is Pride Month. It’s a celebration of all things LGBT+. It is not unsurprising that there is a lot of backlash to Pride, from conservative, religious sources. Businesses such as Target have faced boycotts over their display of LGBT products, and Target went as far as to cave into bullying, by removing and relocating said products, over fears of aggressive customers. Much of what the conservative, religious right claims (such as pushing LGBT ‘ideals’ upon children) is baseless, and much of it is also hypocritical.

Some argue the mere existence of LGBT merchandise is a means of ‘converting’ children. If that is truly the case, and those making that argument wish it to stop, then those making that argument who are of a religious mindset should refrain from doing anything to promote their faith to children. After all, if children allegedly do not have the presence of mind to decide where their orientation lies, they don’t have the presence of mind to determine if organised religion is right for them.

In terms of the dangers to children, we have a lot of hysteria about drag queens and transgender individuals, yet all too often, the biggest dangers to children can be found among men (and occasionally women) of the cloth. For all the efforts to demonise the LGBT community, it seems thoroughly hypocritical to me. The practitioners of organised religion should focus on cleaning their own houses. After all, let he who is without sin…

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