Writing Prompts: Do You Practice Religion?

Do you practice religion?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that the older I get, the more I question the teachings of organised religion, which (virtually irrespective of what religion gets discussed) tends to be morally dubious, and centres on fear as a means of control. ‘Do this, or be condemned to hell-fire for eternity!’ If you believe you cannot be a reasonable person without a set of rules in a holy book, that speaks more about you than it does anything else.

You might query what I mean by ‘morally dubious’. The most obvious example is the treatment of women, which in organised religion, demands subservience to men, and often makes women responsible for the inability of men to control themselves. There’s also the commandments aimed at same-sex couples, and the wider LGBT+ community. Organised religion is incapable of ‘live and let live’. It is driven to interfere in people’s lives, in both big and small ways. I can’t get on board with any set of philosophies that would curtail people’s freedoms like that, especially in the name of morality. It’s not morality that drives these beliefs, it’s bigotry and sexism.

EDIT: Someone made the following statement in relation to this post:

The author of those words should take a second look at Christianity and Christ so he can make an honest. logical decision and accept Christ. Not to escape hell, but because Christ loved him first.

The same person also left these comments on my site:

You are wrong moron. May is the 5th month and June is the 6thmonth. We are halfway when June 30th hits you dipstick

You are a joke

They that cry the loudest are guiltiest most of all. Learn to be a man for once

I see that the liars and distorters are up in arms again.

ha ha ha. you do nothing but lie

congratulations, 8 years of lies, distortions and false information

You do not know more than I do. Stop pissing in the wind. You are only making yourself look foolish.

The author of all these words claims to be a good Christian. They regard the Bible as literal fact, and filter pretty much everything through that lens. With that being the case, if I regard him as an example of Christianity and good followers of Christ, would I conclude he is logical, or kind? Obviously not.

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