Writing Prompts: Someone Else for a Day

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

Can we include fictional characters? I’d love to be a Jedi for a day. It would make a lot of things very easy. Need to carry a load of heavy tiles? No problem. Need to prod a customer into buying? Ethically, that’s a bit of a grey area, but if you sense they were leaning towards buying, and you ‘help’ across the line, is it really that bad?! Well yes, but is reaaaaally? Ahem.

I can certainly think of more nefarious uses of the Force! However, I won’t go there. The ‘Force honk’ is not a power the Jedi will teach you…

How about being a billionaire for the day? If I ended up being Mark Zuckerberg, I’d quietly redistribute his wealth to his employees. He doesn’t need all that money to himself, he can share it, whilst retaining a decent sum for himself. Also, Facebook would be awash with adverts for my book…

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