Writing Prompts: List creative ways to use one ingredient

There are several ingredients that lend themselves to a huge variety of meals. Tomatoes, potatoes, most meats and fish, and most fruits can be used in a variety of ways. Potatoes in particular have a wide range of uses. From being used to make vodka, to being boiled, mashed, roasted, and fried, potatoes have become pretty popular down the years. However, the ingredient I want to talk about is the humble egg.


Eggs have become a staple of many different types of meal. In Britain, they are part of a hearty fry-up, alongside bacon, sausages and toast. You have fancy forms of serving eggs (eggs benedict springs to mind). You have stuff like egg-fried rice from a Chinese takeaway. You can have eggs boiled (soft-boiled eggs with slices of buttered toast for dunking are wonderful!). You can scramble them, or have them as an omelette.

They are extremely versatile, and they’re even more versatile than all that. Eggs often form a key ingredient of cakes. Eggs form a key component of custard. Eggnog is a drink, often served at Christmas, and can served with or without alcoholic content.

There’s loads of dishes where the egg is either a vital element, or a centrepiece. I cannot list them all, so you can check them out here, and who knows, you may feel inspired to have a cracking good time at making some eggcellent dishes!

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