Writing Prompts: Shopping Spree

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

What would make me most happy to splurge my money on?

A good question, and not one with an automatic answer. I am tempted to say ‘good food’, but then, there are so many options that I’d tie myself in knots deciding! So, we’ll rule out food courts.

If I had the resources, a virtual spree on a platform like Steam would be greatly appealing. Likewise for games on the Switch or PS5. I could gladly get myself a lot of new titles, and indulge in various games. On a related note, a shopping spree somewhere like PC World would be great for all the gadgets. Here comes the new 50″ LED flat-screen, complete with sophisticated surround-sound system, with connections to the latest smartphone, laptop and tablet PC. Oh yeah!

Bookstores would be heavenly. Let me loose in Forbidden Planet and I will clean up. I would probably need a new house to contain all the new books.

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