Writing Prompts: Procrastination


Tom has provided inspiration, but what does it mean to procrastinate, and what does being good at it really mean?

Lots to consider and unpack. Do we delve into the realm of meaningless waffle? At what point do we arrive at the point, and do we even know what the point is? With procrastination, defining exact details is often pointless, because we’re not going for specifics here, we’re going for verbiage. Can we achieve excessive verbiage? I suppose that’s a redundant expression, since indulging in verbiage is to indulge in excess anyway.

I’ve wandered off-topic, or have I? Is not the very purpose of procrastination to be ‘off-topic’? Well actually, to procrastinate is to ‘put off’ that which we do not want to do. As Tom suggested, it’s the opposite of productivity. I am very good at deferring tasks and jobs I do not want to do. I dare say this isn’t a quality unique to me. We will all put off that which we do not want to do. Generally speaking, people prefer activities they enjoy, or are fairly certain will yield a positive outcome/result.

Sometimes, the very thing we don’t want to do can in fact yield good results, such as going to the gym. It’s getting past that initial ‘I don’t wanna do that’ stage that can be tricky. I had this when going through the editing stage of The Awakening. The editing process can be laborious, and who wants to be stuck in such a task, even if the end result was something extremely positive? We look at a given hill, and in our minds, we turn it into a mountain, even when we know that beautiful sandy beach awaits us on the other side. It’s a flaw I think most humans share. We’d be unstoppable… if we could just get started!

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