Writing Prompts: Repetitive Prompts

So… this is sort of meta? WordPress has a daily prompt feature, and sometimes I’ve used it, though a lot of the prompts I use are inspired by suggestions/web-browsing. I’m rather glad to have largely avoided the WordPress Prompt, because I’ve noticed a lot of repetition of late.

In particular, there’s the ‘list’. ‘List 30 things that make you happy’. Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen prompts along very similar lines. Maybe not to list 30 things, but certainly stuff along the lines of ’10 things you enjoy doing’, or stuff like that.

I’ll grant that coming up with a new, unique prompt every single day is not easy. I know that, because I am trying to find different, unique prompts, each and every day, and sometimes it’s hard not to tread old ground. It’s more than likely that several of my prompts overlap, both in intent and in execution. However, I’d like to think there’s a little bit more imagination than ‘list what brings you joy’, followed shortly afterwards by ‘list what makes you happy’. There’s some weird and wonderful topics out there, if you’re willing to move off the beaten track, and willing to let others inspire you.

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