A Whirlwind of Accusations

I recently posted about the idea that former US president Donald Trump is being persecuted, and why I believe that idea is preposterous. I wrote that post because Citizen Tom decided to dissect a comment I’d made elsewhere. Tom duly responded to that post, but it’s the comments on Tom’s post that I am more interested in.

I have clashed with Silence of Mind more than once, and to my shame, I dare say he brings out the worst in me. His vindictive, crass and dishonest attitude makes a complete mockery of his claims to be a Christian, let alone a good one. Take a look at his comment below:

One need only read the first sentence of any Berwick piece to realize it is based on logical fallacies, outright lies, or “facts” that are not facts. Even the title, “The Poor, Persecuted Trump,” is nothing but a sneering vomit of hatred.

Satan is the father of hatred. Ben Berwick is Satan’s bastard hate child. Either that, or he is a troll who gets his jollies raising Cain. Either way Berwick is evil.

SOM’s entry is nothing more than a demonstration of how nasty he is.

Tom also made a comment, and it got me thinking.

Relative to yourself, I would suppose that Ben leans towards totalitarianism and the annihilation of individualism. Nevertheless, you are judging a whole bunch of people to be the exact same. Makes judging others and discarding them easier, don’t you think?

I find it odd that Tom would think I favour totalitarianism. It’s my view that the hard right is far more in favour of erasing individual rights than the left is. You need only look at how the conservative, religious right has historically sought to erase the rights of the LGBT community, denied women bodily autonomy, and denied the USA’s history of racial conflict. The conservative right is closely married to the idea that unrestricted capitalism (something that chains people pretty damn well). It seems the marginalisation of minorities, women and the LGBT community is the opposite of individualism. The economic oppression of society-at-large to favour the wealthy and keep everyone else plugging along in a samey, grey monotony is precisely what happens when you let profiteering outweigh everything else.

My two cents.

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