The Poor, Persecuted Trump?

In the wake of what is the fourth arrest/arraignment/indictment/whatever of Donald Trump (I think it’s the fourth, there seems to be a new case every week), I have seen posts that would have us believe Trump is a victim, that his fight is for justice, and for the common man. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion, but I do not buy Trump’s rhetoric for even one second.

Trump is an extremely wealthy man a net worth of $2.5 billion), whose position of privilege has allowed him to avoid being held in a cell awaiting trial, a privilege that would be denied to swathes of other Americans. We hear that the charges against him are part of a conspiracy, and his supporters buy into that narrative, whilst accusing his enemies of a co-ordinated, media-aided smear campaign.

The smear campaign is more a case of Trump and his supporters going out of their way to poison the well, and to deny that Trump’s actions might even be considered illegal.

From Citizen Tom’s site:

Democrats are engaged in a smear campaign. Trump has been charged with colluding with Russia, quid pro quo with Unkraine and on and on and on. He has been impeached twice. Each time Liberal Democrat politicians, the Liberal Democrat news media, and the deep state brings charges a little investigation shows they have no evidence. In the latest indictments, Trump is being charged with things that are not even illegal. These devious propagandists are abusing our legal system. It is called lawfare, and it is blatantly unethical. Prosecutors should be disbarred for such behavior.

Is it not illegal to try to overturn the legitimate results of an election (and spare me the unverified claims that the election was rigged)? It is surely illegal to hold confidential material when you’re not supposed to, something Trump is accused of, and there is plenty of evidence to support those charges.

Tom considers me to have been deceived. I consider him to be deceived. Donald Trump is not a man of the people. He is not virtuous. Do not pretend that his actions are designed to benefit the average American. Let’s not pretend that he is – or was – ever capable of acting in anything other than his own self-interest. Trump is more tightly wedded to the system of big business interests and profit-over-people than his supporters are prepared to admit. They need to see him for what he truly is.

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