Writing Prompts: Red Flags

What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you?

Where do I start?! This might take a while…

I don’t like arrogance. There are plenty of people who are full of it. Take former UK PM Boris Johnson, or former US president Donald Trump. They are full of a belief they are better than others. The idea they could be wrong about anything is unfathomable to them. Arrogance, personified.

We can all be hypocritical, but some people take hypocrisy to another level. I know of people who have abandoned their parental responsibilities, whilst having the nerve to lecture others on how to be a parent. I know of people who happily violated immigration laws when it suited them, yet moan about immigrants. I know people who whine about the evils of science, whilst enjoying its fruits.

I know of people who are cruel and cowardly. Such traits, like a callous disregard for the people who love them, despite all the kindness and love shown to them, render such people little more than scum to me.

There are many other questionable flags to be raised. There are people who prey upon sympathy. They might share a ‘woe is me’ story on social media, and they may ask for money to cover rent, food etc, only for you to learn they’ve bought themselves a new gadget, or spent the money on booze. Manipulative charlatans are pretty low in my book.

I know people who might be classed as ‘mood hoovers’. They suck the joy out of everything, and seem determined to be miserable. We all have moments when we’re unhappy, but mood hoovers turn it into a lifestyle.

Could I go on? You bet, but this is not the sort of topic I want to linger on. Hopefully, next time, the topic will be more cheerful!

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