Writing Prompts: Pick 3 Influencers and Create Their Hypothetical Collaboration Project

Ok, I have no bloody idea where to start with this one! I refer to the previous prompt about generations, and I have to conclude that Gen Zs are more likely to understand the role of influencers than this tired old Millennial. You see them everywhere these days. Instagram is full of people who share pics of food, clothes, makeup and tech, and they seek to get freebies from businesses, with the ‘payment’ coming in the form of social media advertising. Some companies do indeed get involved, but they usually look for influencers with large followings. I have around 1,300 subscribers to Meerkat Musings, and the vast majority of them are silent followers, so I doubt I’d get a free iPhone to unbox, anytime soon.

Three influencers… I couldn’t name one. I had to Google to find out who’s regarded as a big-time influencer. Top of this list is Addison Rae, who… well… I don’t know what she does. She lip-syncs, and has some beauty videos? Number two on the list is Huda Kattan, who is involved in makeup tutorials, and third is someone I have actually heard of, Khaby Lame, who shot to TikTok fame for making sarcastic videos about absurd life-hacks. If I were to pick these three, I’d then have to dream up a project they could all work on.

I’m really struggling here. Between them, the trio reach millions of people, so how to use their voices? I guess, if I had to choose something, I’d go for climate change awareness. Exactly how they’d unify their channels to do that is not something I can answer. Some depreciating humour from Lame? Some lip-syncing to Michael Jackson’s Earth Song by Rae? Fire and ice makeup from Kattan? I’m really not sure. These prompts, they’re not easy!

As we are at Christmas Eve, this will be the last prompt for a few days, until the New Year, so to those who have read them so far, and indeed to everyone, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 🙂

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