Writing Prompts: Neurotic Meerkats

For the second consecutive post, I am once again finding opportunities in Twitter suggestions. This time, it’s the Honourable Pam.


Can meerkats suffer from neurosis? Can any animal other than humans? I wager that yes, they can, and we’ve seen this in animals trapped in cruel captivity. Meerkats will be no exception; any species that is confined to the extreme will react poorly to such treatment. The big zoos tend to offer their animals a lot of room, and a lot of love, but some places have nothing but contempt for the animals they hold. I have heard of elephants and bears going through what we would consider breakdowns, if they were humans. It is barbaric.

Basically, if you would consider it to be cruel and depraving to treat a human in any given manner, why would you consider it acceptable to do to any other form of life? If you believe in never laying a finger on another person in anger, yet would kick or punch or dog or cat, then you are a hypocrite. If you know full-well that you would expose another person to mental anguish over any given set of living conditions/standards, why would you put an animal through them? Sometimes, people forget that animals have emotions, and they forget animals have memories. If you trap a meerkat, isolate it from its kin, and scream at it all day, it will suffer. Don’t do to animals what you won’t do to humans!

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