Writing Prompts: The Ever-Changing Landscape of Britain

This prompt is a little different. It is the first time in living memory that a Twitter follower (and a fellow meerkat no less!) has suggested a prompt for me to write about.

Firstly, a glimpse into the past…

What you’re looking at are the Scottish Highlands, and the Lake District, respectively. Both regions are gorgeous, postcard-perfect locations, that highlight Britain’s natural beauty. Alas, such areas are becoming few and far between in the UK (and around the world).

The demand for land (and resources) has overtaken our desire to preserve the world around us. You need only look up the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest to see how our consumer-driven, consumption-mad society is destroying our planet. There are plenty of other examples, and all of them are tragic, but it does not seem to me that there is anything quite so visceral as uprooting ancient, historic trees, in favour of a carpark.

The wholesale removal of trees and forests does more than blight the landscape, it has other consequences. absorption of rainwater becomes a thing of the past without trees, grass and plants. It is in such circumstances that flooding becomes a serious problem. Then there’s the psychological effect of having no connection with nature. Clogged up, dirty cities that offer no thought to greenery aren’t ideal places to live. Green spaces – or at least the option to visit them – can offer solace and peace.

Town-and-cityscapes have their place. We are, as a species, rather used to – and dependant upon – such environments, and they are hardly all bad. Some countries are managing to marry new city developments with an appreciation for nature. Green technology is a rapidly-developing field. What is such a shame is that Britain seems determined to lag behind in this area, when removing our dependence on fossil fuels – and preserving our countryside – should be one of our top priorities. Alas, our politicians (and many politicians from elsewhere in the world) will follow the money, rather than what is right. I live in hope that one day, we might come to realise how beautiful this country is, before it’s too late.

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