Conservative Cruelty

The other day, Conservative MP Lee Anderson remarked that poor people were more resourceful in the past. The same MP has previously questioned the need for food banks.

Lee Anderson is horrendously out of touch, but then again, he’s a Tory, so is that of any great surprise? The typical attitude of Tories is to look down upon the poor and downtrodden as though they are scum, and to blame the poor for being poor. Never mind that the cost of living is spiralling out of control. Never mind that wages are not rising to meet inflation, or that the rich and wealthy Tory donors (and indeed, several multi-millionaire Tory MPs) get richer off the backs of the working class. Apparently, it’s up to the poorer to be more resourceful.

Resourceful with what, exactly? There aren’t any resources! People have literally having to choose between eating and heating. Real-time income in this country is dropping, at a time where prices are increasing, the rich are getting richer, and Anderson’s only answer is ‘be more resourceful’.

How about not accepting the planned increase in energy bills in April, at a time when energy companies are recording their highest-ever profits? How about tax reforms that do not bleed people dry? How about removing the need for food banks in the first place, by getting rid of cruel and unnecessary austerity measures?

We’ve had 13 years of inept Tory leadership. The Conservative Party has presided over the spectacular own-goal of Brexit (which was all about tax evasion anyway), a disastrous response to the covid-19 pandemic (which included several prominent Tories partying whilst people were in lockdown), and overseen an escalating cost of living crisis. It boggles the mind that anyone would still vote for these parasites.

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