Writing Prompts: Halloween!

It’s time for the spookiest time of the year!

Halloween pumpkin png sticker, transparent

Now, I could turn this post into a lengthy explanation as to Halloween’s origins… or I could focus on what makes the occasion a fun, enjoyable night!

Ever since my daughter was little, she has loved Halloween. My wife and I have pictures of her in a little witch’s outfit, holding a broom, looking as cute as a button. I dare say she looks forward to Halloween almost as much as Christmas, and in recent years I have gone trick-or-treating with her, in a variety of entertaining outfits. There are many kids who make use of the Purge or Saw films as a basis for their costumes; my daughter and I tend to be a bit more creative.

Look at my creepy human hands!
A giant Cock

As you can gather, we like to be unconventional in our house! The downside to all this is that coming up with new, creative ideas for costumes gets harder and harder. Already, I have to consider how to trump the Bowser outfit. Scrooge McDuck next year? Maybe a dalek or a cyberman? That’s next year’s problem, but sometimes it pays to ponder it, sooner rather than later.

There is a dark side to Halloween. It fills the house with a lot of temptation, in the form of rich, sugary sweets. I love the sort of sweets Halloween brings, and as we usually end up with a good haul, my waistline definitely suffers for it. Ah well, you take the rough with the smooth! Happy Halloween!

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