Proof of Nothing

Yet again, the author of Theology Archaeology has twisted, lied, and evaded, attempting to pass off his long-running campaign of deceit, harassment and petty behaviour with a long-winded, and extremely self-indulgent post. As usual, he is too afraid to link directly to my posts, so people are unable to gain the correct context for the discussions and arguments. It is deeply ironic for him to whine I am a coward (something he did when I tried to block him), whilst running to third-party sites to cry foul about me in the hopes I wouldn’t notice, and whilst refusing to link to what I have to say. He is afraid to provide proper context, clearly he wishes to continue his harassment campaign, and he clearly believes he should be beyond reproach.

There is no reasoning with someone who believes that name-calling is a form of constructive criticism, or that making false allegations without evidence is a reasonable course of action. Nor is there any reasoning with someone who thinks referencing me in nearly a quarter of all his blog posts (whilst cowardly failing to properly grant accreditation) is all for the purpose of ‘examples’. It merely shows he is vindictive, and also that he lacks originality.

He cannot whine about how he is treated, when I made it clear to him I wished to end our feud. I went as far as to privately mention this, but he wasn’t interested in being reasonable. He therefore reaps what he sows, despite his curious belief that he should be free to act as vile as he likes, without consequences.

Update 1/11/23: David has written yet another post attacking me, this time questioning my mental health. As ever, he lacks the conviction to link to my posts, despite insisting he can use them as reference material, which implies he has no intention of using my material in an honest or upfront manner. Then again, I think we all already knew that.

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