Writing Prompts: The Maastricht Treaty

The 1st of November 1993 was a big moment in European history. This was the date the Maastricht Treaty, which established the European Union, came into effect.

Some – such as the yet-to-be-justified Brexiteers – would argue this was a bad moment in history. Others would argue that the European Union has been a force for good in Europe. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that this meerkat holds the latter view. Don’t get me wrong, the European Union is not without its flaws, but the decision of the UK to leave has given us nothing but turmoil, and so far, Brexit has not produced a tangible benefit to the country. We are going backwards, whilst Europe will go forwards, and there will inevitably come a point where we go crawling back to the EU, desperate to re-join, and we will be entirely at their mercy.

The Maastricht Treaty was a landmark occasion, a celebratory moment, that helped Europe start to heal from the deep wounds of the Cold War. It is abundantly clear that Europe is stronger for being united. I hope that one day, the UK populace reminds this.

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