Writing Prompts: Favourite Game

What’s your favorite game (card, board, video, etc.)? Why?

I could write (and I have) extensively about The Legend of Zelda. The epic adventures I had on Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom were both immensely enjoyable, and I think both those games (among others) are worthy of being considered among the best games ever made. However, my absolute favourite, the game that feels like slipping into a hot bath for a long, relaxing soak, is A Link to the Past.

I’ve written quite a lot about this game, and even attempted a video play-through (alas, hardware issues have prevented me from continuing). Whilst A Link to the Past is now over 30 years old, it still sings to me with a beautiful musical score, and it still looks absolutely beautiful. It offers numerous dungeons, each different from the last, with some of the best boss fights in the franchise. There’s a good story, lots to see, and tons of replay value.

The Holy Grail of A Link to the Past would be a 3D remake, which sort of happened with A Link Between Worlds, but I am envisioning a full-scale remake, akin to how Nintendo remade Link’s Awakening. The classic gameplay of the SNES game, brought bang-up-to-date for a modern console, would be truly incredible. I don’t think that’s on Nintendo’s agenda, but if it were to happen, I’d be first in line, and I’d probably drool a bit too. This game is my comfort blanket!

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