Writing Prompts: Spy vs Spy

My wife and I have been watching the Mission: Impossible films lately, and thus, I have felt somewhat inspired to explore this particular idea. What would happen if IMF agent Ethan Hunt was pitted against British spy James Bond?

I suppose much of this depends on the scenario, and on which Bond. Let’s say we go with Daniel Craig’s Bond, aka the most recent incarnation. For a scenario, let’s say that Hunt and Bond are both in pursuit of a high value target (HVT), who is in possession of mission-critical intel on a planned terrorist attack. The HVT is under armed surveillance and held in a secure facility in, let’s say, North Korea.

I’m not going to make judgements as to who gets to the target first, or what the methods are. This one I open up to the floor to discuss and digest. Have at it!

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