Writing Prompts: Career Plans

What is your career plan?

What are the working ambitions of this meerkat? Well, in terms of my job as a bathroom sales consultant, I am generally quite happy where I’m at, though if I was offered the role of assistant manager I wouldn’t turn it down. The reality is, I am not under any huge measure of pressure at work, save for what I inflict upon myself. Would I willingly add to it? Well, as I said, if offered a promotion I’d say yes, but I am happy not to chase one.

In terms of being an author, my ambition would be to turn this into a full-time career, though I am realistic enough to understand how unlikely this is. The realm of fiction writing, regardless of genre, is a hugely saturated one, and thus becoming an established literary sensation is not on the cards. Granted, never say never, but I am not expecting this to be anything more than a pleasant hobby that I occasionally get paid for.

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