The Blogger Games – Week 4

Oh praise Meerkats! Oh wow… oh… wow. Meerkovia claimed its first ever medal of the Games by taking a silver! The athletes are spared the wrath of the merciless press for a week! Yes, that’s right, they are instead celebrated!

But, the competition is not over and we’re on to Week 4. Can Meerkovia climb higher up the table?!


1. Which Toy Story movie did I like the least?
A) Toy Story
B) Toy Story 2
C) Toy Story 3

The least?! Good question and a tough question. The Toy Story films have become part of our cultural legacy and I’ve enjoyed them all; I’d like to think Paul has enjoyed them all too, from the way his question is phrased. On a deeply personal note, I watched Toy Story 3 shortly after my Nan passed away and that song at the end got to me.

In terms of liked the least… B. Toy Story 2 was good, but the first one was unique and the third one was honed and polished.

2. Which is my favourite TV Show theme song?
A) Family Matters
B) Friends
C) Saved By The Bell

B, as it’s the only one I actually know!

3. The first CD I ever owned was of which genre?
A) Rock
B) Classical
C) Country

Because I haven’t a clue, C.

4. I have never been…
A) On TV
B) On The Radio
C) In The Newspaper

A. I have no idea.

5. Which famous person once liked one of my tweets?
A) Howie Mandel
B) Mindy Kaling
C) Jason Segel

Who are these people?! C.

6. I have never seen this movie series…
A) Rocky
B) High School Musical
C) Harry Potter

Please be B.

7. Which show have I seen in-person?
A) Canadian Idol Tour
B) Disney On Ice
C) DIsco Dogs

Argh! Um… C, because doggos are adorable!

8. How many famous people have I met at an autograph signing?
A) 0
B) 6
C) 11

It’s hard to imagine meeting 11 celebs at one signing, though not impossible. However I’m choosing B, on the grounds that it’s a reasonable number.

9. Which reality show do I think I’d be best at?
A) Survivor
B) Fear Factor
C) Big Brother

I’m gonna say B. I believe Paul likes a jump scare.

10. Which show did I not watch as a child?
A) The Brady Bunch
B) Leave It To Beaver
C) Murder, She Wrote

As a kid I did watch a little of Murder, She Wrote and I have often wondered if Jessica Fletcher unwittingly spread death and destruction wherever she went. I can imagine Paul preferring this show over the others. I can also imagine that he loved The Brady Bunch, so he didn’t watch Leave it to Beaver. B.

You Share: Tell me what you like/dislike about the entertainment industry. Any celebrity encounters? Have you ever been on TV? What was your first CD?

As TV has changed we’ve maybe lost a few things along the way. Yes, the opportunity to binge watch a series is great, but you lose the excitement of a cliff-hanger. The epic end to TNG’s ‘Best of Both Worlds P1’ wouldn’t have the same dramatic impact if you could watch the next part straight away. In a way, it’s made the Loki TV series better by not being able to binge it.

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