‘God & the Vaccine’

When I left this as a comment on David’s Theology Archaeology site, David told me to re-write it, as it’s apparently ‘non-sensical and repeats garbage’. I invite the reader to decide if that’s true.

[QUOTE]#3. Getting a vaccine does not mean you do not trust God. As long as you do not trust the vaccine over God. There are many people still getting sick from Covid or even dying after receiving the vaccine.[/QUOTE]

There actually aren’t that many vaccinated people dying from covid. If the data from the US state of Massachusetts is correct and the ratios are applicable globally, 0.29% of vaccinated people have been infected with covid and 0.01% of vaccinated people have required hospitalisation. 0.003% of vaccinated people have died from covid.

This next link does a better job of explaining the difference between unvaccinated hospitalisations/deaths and vaccinated ones: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/08/10/us/covid-breakthrough-infections-vaccines.html

As you’ll see, the highest percentage of vaccinated deaths (in the US at least) is 3.5%. That means 96.5% of people to die from covid weren’t vaccinated.

So no, ‘many’ people aren’t dying after receiving the vaccine – in percentage terms, vaccinated deaths are a tiny minority.

[QUOTE]But the vaccine was a different issue and we have trouble with it as scientists and governments are now saying you still have to wear a mask or face shield and need booster shots if you get the vaccine.

That seems ridiculous and makes getting the vaccine worthless. We have not changed from that attitude. those declarations are one reason why we do not trust scientists. (And that is another story).[/QUOTE]

Science is always updating itself with new information and the pandemic is a fluid situation. The data shows that lockdowns, social distancing and masks have all had an impact on the spread of the virus, but it takes time for that data to develop. The vaccine will help prevent serious illness or even death from covid but like any vaccine, it doesn’t stop transmission. Masks are proven to help slow the spread of the virus and lockdowns controlled it as well. A combination of measures is what’s needed, in order to protect the vulnerable and stop any further mutations.

In addition to the ‘discussion’ that arose from my comment, David and I had a ‘back and forth’ regarding abortion, due to his post on the subject.

There are numerous reasons why I disagree with his remarks on Simone Biles. I believe David is showing a tremendous ignorance of mental health issues and he seems to believe Biles should have scheduled them better for the benefit of the Olympics. However, the focus was on abortion. My initial question, coloured blue.

Is abortion wrong in the event that a minor is raped David?

His reply, in purple.

Right and wrong do not change no matter the age of the person. Sin does not change no matter the age of the person

So… if a 13 year-old girl is raped, she must then be expected to carry the baby to term?

Yes. Murder is murder.

So your sympathy for underage rape victims is… what exactly?

It does not extend to allowing her to commit murder or sin.

So a minor is the victim of an horrific crime and then they should be forced to undergo the tremendous trauma of pregnancy and childbirth (which by the way, can kill or cripple kids of that age).

You’re advocating that kids be forced to have kids.

One, stop being melodramatic and provide the links to where teens die or are crippled from pregnancy. I did a check and you are over-stating the case as usual. Also, ‘the trauma of pregnancy’? when you come back to reality let me know.

Again, the age of a person does not allow them to sin or commit murder.

Nothing has been overstated because I didn’t make any sort of claim as to the frequency of teen death or injury due to pregnancy and childbirth. However, since it’s clear you clearly did not do any kind of check of your own, take a look here: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/teenage-girl-dies-every-20-minutes-through-pregnancy-or-childbirth-save-children-foreign-aid-budget-a7834571.html

Do you see those numbers David? Pregnancy is the greatest killer of teenagers between 15-19.

You may also want to read this: https://www.nicswell.co.uk/health-news/teenage-pregnancy-death-concern

So, the facts point to a very different conclusion to the one you reached. Teenagers are not physically developed enough for pregnancy or childbirth, and the babies themselves suffer complications as well, as per the above link.

As for Two, so tired of your tricks. don’t do it here again. I went through my article and see where you made your distortion and misquoted me again. I will edit any comment you make that does it again. You are like Bruce, you are not honest.

The final paragraph was in reference to my quoting of his exact words in respect of the covid vaccine and vaccinated deaths. What’s interesting is that he is now more or less openly admitting he would following a dishonest practice of editing comments that he claims misquote or distort what he’s written. Whenever I quote him I link back to his pages so anyone can see what I’ve quoted and in what context. His threat smacks of an unwillingness to discuss things honourably.

Throughout the discussion around abortion one thing seems pretty clear – David has little regard for the victim in this scenario. The violation of a woman (or girl in this case) is secondary to the clump of cells that are now growing inside of her. The girl herself is secondary, which is type of forced-birthers. The life of the victim is an irrelevance, her well-being unimportant. All that matters is ensuring the baby is born. After that, the fanatical religions right will take no interest in the child’s welfare.

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