The Alternative Path

The other day I had a dream, ‘The Potter Rebellion‘. From that dream I span a podcast, talking about how the Potterverse would change if Harry decided ‘sod it, I don’t want to be a wizard’. From there, I stumbled upon an excellent post that spoke of whether we regret the path not taken.

I think it’s human nature to wonder what our lives would be like if we went left instead of right. If we answered the phone or email instead of ignoring it (or if we ignored it instead of answering). What if we said ‘sod it, I will go out’ instead of staying in?

All this philosophy makes my head hurt

This idea can stretch back to our childhood. What if we’d tried harder at school? What if we’d stood up to a particularly unpleasant teacher? What if… Two words that haunt us sometimes. They are words that reach deep into our psyche, making us doubt whether we’re living our best life.

Of course, we have to remember that changing one thing, just one, can have an unimaginable impact upon the rest of our lives. If we could go back in time, change our approach to…. Well, anything, it would mean we probably wouldn’t meet certain people, make certain friends, and it would mean, in my personal case, my daughter wouldn’t be here. No amount of gold, no degree of riches or fame, would be worth such a price. The past cannot be altered. There’s also no means of travelling through time anyway, so we all have to accept that we are where we are.

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