Starting as you mean to go on…

It’s a new year, a fresh start, a new opportunity, yet David Thiessen of Theology Archaeology has decided not to look at his behaviour and attitude, and instead go after Bruce Gerencser, more than once. How very Christian…

David has written three posts, two of which have come in the few days of 2023, bemoaning that Bruce has the nerve to blog about whatever he wants. With a classic lack of self-awareness, and a failure to realise how ironic he has become, David said the following:

It seems that the owner of the BG website does not like opposing opinions as he has written another response to our post the other day. We found that unbelievers of all stripes do not like opposing viewpoints, especially those that show the unbeliever is wrong and off-track.

As usual, David lacks the decency to refer to Bruce by name, but I doubt he is prepared to reconsider his petty behaviour as this point. Does he understand the unwitting irony of his remarks here? He writes responses to Bruce, even when Bruce has not said anything about him, so does that not mean that David does not like opposing opinions? Especially ones that show him to be in error (which must be a recurring problem for David)?

These definitions should help you understand why Ananias and Sapphira were condemned to death for their lying. Their intent was to deceive and make a false representation. We know that the owners of the BG & MM website constantly lie (above definitions) about us.

After posting a load of waffle about how it’s not dishonesty if a Christian accidentally misleads someone, David then goes and deliberately, wilfully lies. David has constantly called me and Bruce liars, but when pressed, never backs up his claims, which makes his claims themselves dishonest. He should put up or shut up, but his pride means he won’t do either.

We’ve been doing this merry dance for years now, and in that time, David has told a number of lies, that he cannot put down to ignorance. He said I was transgender, and whilst being trans is hardly a bad thing (unless you’re a fundamentalist religious loon), it’s not true, and I have never implied or said I was. David made the claim without basis.

David has been ‘wilfully ignorant’ on subjects pertaining to employment and discrimination laws, Church taxation, statistics on medical performance, and has made slurs against the characters of Bruce and myself, more than once. I regard these to be acts of dishonesty, for which he has been unrepentant. If he is going to lie, and then have the audacity to suggest Bruce and I are the liars, he had better be prepared to back up his claims. Sadly, Bruce and I both know, no justifications or retractions are forthcoming.

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