Writing Prompts: Compile a List of Useless Facts

This should be easy for me. I am a fountain of useless information.

  1. You cannot tip a double-decker bus.

You may be thinking, whaaaaaaaaaaat? It’s true. They can tilt as far as 28 degrees, without going over. In fact, UK double-decker buses have to pass a test relating to this, before they are deemed road-worthy.

2. I once held a world record at Mario Kart.

This was many, many years ago, and it related to the original Super Mario Kart. A friend and I were in a competition with each other to set the fastest time trial lap times on Mario Circuit 1. We exchanged fastest times a few times, before eventually, I began to set times he couldn’t quite match. I did, for a time, and unofficially, set a time that was the fastest for the UK (PAL) version of the game. I was always convinced there was more speed to come from somewhere, but I could never quite find it.

3. The Lion King is Supreme.

This information doesn’t help anyone, but The Lion King 1994 remains the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time, whilst the 2019 remake is the highest-grossing CGI film of all time, and the highest-grossing animated film, of any category, of all time. If that doesn’t serve to show how powerful the Circle of Life’s legacy, I don’t know what does, though I have to mention that the musical is also a world-wide phenomenon.

4. We dream in black and white… or do we?

I’ve heard that we dream in black and white, but I am not convinced. I am fairly certain my dreams involve colour, though dreams are by their nature hard to evaluate. I do recall one vivid dream involving being in Florida with an old school friend, drinking cocktails at an open bar, with a cloudless night sky above us, whilst palm trees bustled under a gentle breeze. I’m pretty sure the trees were green, and the cocktails had swirls of different colours going through them. To be clear, this dream never happened in real life, but it felt so real, that I had to remind myself it was not a memory.

5. Rats cannot puke.

This one might actually not be useless, if you happen to have a rodent infestation, though I’d rather deal with them humanely. Rats cannot throw up. This makes them highly vulnerable to any form of ingested poisons.

Right, I’m out of useless facts. I’m sure I could find more, but I’m bored of this.

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