Writing Prompts: Feature a Massive Collection of Something

This prompt requests a picture, but I don’t have a picture to share that’s my own, so I’ve shamelessly borrowed one from Ebay.

I have a reasonable collection of Star Trek Micro Machines, though I no longer possess all the ones in the pic, and some of them I never owned. I sold my Enterprise-E, and my Defiant, and several others, and I regret that, though I wanted the money at the time. Nonetheless, I still have a fair few of them indoors, along with some Babylon 5 and Star Wars Micro Machines (and miniatures from other companies). Some I’ve had for a very long time, in fact I believe some of them date back to my teenage years. They fuelled some imaginative war scenarios, and they’re nice to have around. If I ever come into a lot of money, I will aim to rebuild my collection (they are always been sold on Ebay), but until then, I must rely on nostalgia.

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