More True Trek Rubbish

At the risk of coming under fire from anti-Star Trek Discovery fanatical zealots, this is the sort of attitude that I refer to when I talk about gatekeeping. It’s arrogance of the highest order to declare Discovery fans aren’t really Star Trek fans, especially since most DSC fans are lifelong Trekkies anyway. This is but one more example of the minority trying to ruin things for everyone else, showing in the process their failure to understand the core of Star Trek. Then again, given my past run-ins with this individual (he lied about me in the past, refused to back up his claims, then threw a hissy fit when I reported him), I shouldn’t be surprised about this sort of behaviour.

And lest certain quarters hurl more slanderous accusations of stalking, trolling etc (ironic given certain quarters willingness to engage in said behaviour whilst decrying it), this tweet was brought to my attention by a third party, whom I thank.

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