Meerkat Musings – 2021 Site Stats

With 2021 concluded, how has Meerkat Musings performed? What pages/posts gained attention, where did my visitors come from? Let’s take a look…

Firstly, Meerkat Musings had 4,039 views, which is actually the second-lowest number of views for a full calendar year since the site began. The site also recorded its lowest number of visitors – 1,747. However the site received 223 comments, which is double that of the previous year. Ignoring the home page, the most successful page was my Forum page, which received 74 hits, followed by What I Think on 67 hits, and Welcome to Meerkat Musings with 60 hits. In terms of search engine referrals, Google led the way on 732, and in second was Baidu on 248. Bing was a long way off in third on 66.

In terms of referrals from other sites, Bruce Gerencser is a clear winner on 52. In terms of where my views came from, the USA narrowly beat the UK (1,496 to 1,247), and China was a very distant third on 300. There were hits from all over Europe and also some far-away locations, such as Nepal, Vietnam, New Zealand and Ghana.

Will the site see an upward trend in 2022? Will the forums get some traction? We shall find out!

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